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Making of Streetstyle 2017

Making of Blue Tomato Streetstyles Katalog 2017

Making of Streetstyle 2017

It still feels like yesterday since we published our latest summer catalogue. Now it’s time for this year’s street styles catalogue already. We have a great variety of products of the latest trends spread on over 130 pages. And of course we put a lot of lifeblood, sweat and love into it, so you have some really nice pages to turn over.
Come and get on a trip with us. It’s filled with happiness, adventures, frustration, decisions, samples, a looooooot of samples, hard work, luck and pride. That’s basically all you need for a catalogue.
In the first stadium you can imagine the catalogue project like a giant puzzle. All the small parts have to fit together. And in fact, we do it exactly the same way as you did it as a child. First of all, we have to define the outline by choosing products, brands and trends. Already in the last year our buyers checked the trends for this seasons street styles. Once this part is done we can start shooting.

It‘ shooting time

Making of Streetstyle 2017

For this year we chose Zagreb as our shooting location. The capital city of Croatia offers many different scenes, which is perfect for our street styles. With the team were our two photographers Sam Strauss and Marcel Lämmerhirt, seven models, two assistants and 500 samples.
We put a lot of focus on the locations this year. The first stop was a hospital under construction, which looked like a mixture of adventurous playground and horror movie set. This super exciting area definitely provided some great pictures. Up next the team went to an old slaughterhouse. But instead of meat production this area has been made to a very unique place by many artists and hippies. Check out the Carhartt page. We shot it in the living room of someone living in the old slaughterhouse.
But Zagreb isn’t only great for shooting locations but also for skating. So when cameras were turned off the crew spent their time with skating, great Croatian food and a couple drinks in the Zagreb nightlife. Well, the model lifestyle at Blue Tomato might be a little different than usual.
Nine days later the trip was over. The tiered but happy crew came back bringing more than 10.000 pictures and bunch of video takes.

Final tasks

Making of Streetstyle Katalog 2017

Now it‘s time to put the pieces together. Sorting out pictures and do all the editing. Besides the visuals there is a lot of texting involved. We have to write the introductions, about trends and also products. There is also really hard decisions we have to take by choosing the right cover photo for example.
It takes a couple of months until we are done with puzzling. At the end, when we double checked everything and are 100% happy with the outcome the printing can start. Once printed there is no way back. But at the end it’s always a great feeling to hold the new catalogue in your hands.
Finally it’s time to share it with you. So check it out online or get your own street styles catalogue at your Blue Tomato Shop.

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