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Blue Tomato Catalogue Making of

blue tomato behind the shot

A Blue Tomato catalogue is created

Welcome to the crazy little blue world of our catalogues. We want to take you on an exciting journey: It starts at the very beginning, where the ball starts rolling, and goes right until the finished product, including all of the important steps in between. Snowboard and freeski catalogues doesn't quite fall down ready-made from heaven, but the adventure of making them adds in some tense and funny moments of its own.

Everything starts about one year before the catalogues are distributed. Our purchasing department work with the different brands to put together the outfits that you’ll soon be able to see and admire in the freeski and snowboard catalogues. The team have to carefully consider what Blue Tomato customers will want to see by the time the catalogues come out. Clothing samples are then sent out to us and the different styles are sorted out and prepared, ready for the photo shoot. Each outfit has its own hanger, waiting in a top secret location for the big day. At the same time, the spots for the shoots are also being checked out, so that these hot new goods find their perfect settings. Therefore the region Schladming-Dachstein is absolutely perfect. Meanwhile, the product descriptions for each item in the catalogue are already being written. Sticky fingers are typing tirelessly to get down all of the necessary info, just for you.

The day finally arrives and, with the shooting ready to begin, providing the gods are keeping the weather at bay, the outfits are transported to the respective spots. Because the clothes might be a bit difficult to photograph on their hangers alone, we bring a few models along with the luggage. With a smile and a pose the shutter button starts clicking. The man for that part is our photographer Marcel Lämmerhirt. After many, many outfit changes, poses, photos and full days of shooting, everything is packed away again and work at the computer can begin.

So you can see how much fun we had during the shoot, here are our favourite. pics. We also made two clips for you. Enjoy watching the Behind the Scene videos episode 1 and episode 2. Enjoy!

blue tomato catalogue

From many small things into one whole

Once shooting is finished, many hours are spent at the computer. Altogether, we work in seven different programmes at once to create and bring together the images and texts for the catalogues. Speaking of texts, counting those from the freeski and snowboarding catalogues together, in total we have a hefty sum of around 2,500 product sheets, with each one being individually written to inform you about every different product.

What would a Blue Tomato catalogue be without brands? It’s unimaginable! Overall, you'll find over 200 different labels in our catalogues. Burton, Quiksilver, F2 and Völkl are just a few of them. Of course, you’ll also find in there our own Blue Tomato brand.

Correcting and editing is also a vital part of the process. Everything must be checked several times - no easy task when we’re talking about the 1,500 pages needed to bring the freeski and snowboard catalogues together.

we’re talking about the 1,500 pages needed to bring the freeski and snowboard catalogues together. Some interesting facts: The highest point that we have photographed at is about 2,700m above sea level. During the making of the catalogues, the shutter button was pressed an incredible 60,000 times, with each brand having between 250 and 300 images. The shooting team was comprised of one photographer, two art directors, one assistant and about 10 models. The photo shoot lasted for 28 days (almost) non-stop and was fuelled by around 260 sandwiches and 3 kg of chocolate.

blue tomato catalogue

And Blue Tomato said: Go forth and multiply!

The same goes for our freeski and snowboard catalogues. After finally being completed, they may multiply – many times. Each newly printed copy is just as exciting as the last, and the next one to come.

During the printing process, the catalogues come alive, page by page. A lot of care must also be taken at this stage, are the colours coming out right? The product pictures mustn’t differ from the real thing, so colour balance is extremely important. Fine adjustments must often be made on-site to ensure that everything is turning out perfectly.

Firstly, the loose pages are printed, which must then be combined and bound to create the finished thing. The result is a winter catalogue, ready to go. You’ll still need a little bit of patience before you can hold the finished product in your hands – it will definitely be worth the wait!

blue tomato catalogue

The full range

A package! For me? For you? For everybody! The new Blue Tomato Snowboard and Freeski Catalogues are finally here! Cheer and delight over the new styles. You can order your freshly printed goodies here. Lots of love and style has gone into each and every catalogue, with many handpicked outfits just waiting to be delivered to you.

No matter which trends you follow, you’re sure to find them here. If you simply can’t wait to devour it, page by page, then our online catalogue is also sure to please. Have a look at all our amazing products now and get in the mood for winter.

For the lucky ones among you, we gave away personalized catalogue covers. Blue Tomato offered you the unique opportunity to admire your own snowboarding or freeskiing photo on the cover of this year’s winter catalogue. Choose a pic, send it in and keep your fingers crossed – that is how it was done. Congrats to all of you who won and can now marvel at their own shred pic.

A lot of time and energy has gone into each catalogue. Yet, again and again, we continue looking forward to presenting you with the finished copy - Enjoy!