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Travelling with your surfboard – the best airlines

Once hooked on surfing there is only one way to satisfy the desire for glassy water and epic swells for European surfers: travelling - this is especially important if you don’t want to freeze your, uhm, tails off in icy European winter conditions. But unfortunately travelling with your beloved surfboard (some might even call it girl/boyfriend) often isn't very joyful since it can be an expensive affair with various hidden costs. Surfboards can be pretty bulky and therefore it is sort of a big thing for most airlines to deal with. Furthermore terms and conditions of airlines can be dizzying and we guess everyone already heard awful stories of surfers being charged huge amounts of money to carry their boards – sometimes these fees are even higher than the original ticket price.

But since flying is essential for quenching the thirst for the perfect wave, our friends from LUEX Surf Travel have investigated almost every airline flying to any destination a surfer could only wish for. This list will definitely help you to hold your nerves and preserve your financial well-being. The best thing about it: With this knowledge you can spend even more money for boards and surf trips!

So - just check out which airline approaches your spot of choice and scroll down to check their rules and costs:

Teahupoo | North Shore, Hawaii  

Here are the most important airlines for Europeans:

Airline Cost Details More Information URL
Air Berlin
1 boardbag can be taken as your free baggage allowance, though you must notify the airline at least 24 hours before flying.
If you exceed the number of pieces in your free baggage allowance, you'll be charged €50-75. No sports baggage on JustFly tickets.
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Air France
Boards 107-300cm long can be carried, though you'll be charged €55-€100 each way, depending on route.
You must notify the customer service department at least 24 hours before flying, but you can only pay at the airport.
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$65-78 USD
Boards must be pre-booked with the airline. You'll be charged $65 if you register the board 30 or more days before the flight, or $78 USD if if less.

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One surfboard bag can be taken for a fee of £35 per leg.
If the surfboard bag is your sole piece of checked luggage, it can weigh up to 32kg. If it is in addition to other checked baggage, you recieve an extra 12kg weight allowance.
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Board bags up to 300cm total dimensions can be taken for the applicable oversize baggage fee for the route.
No items exceeding 300cm total dimensions can be carried, with no exceptions.
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Boards up to 300cm can be taken for free.

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German Wings
You can take your board for a €50 fee.
Boards must be pre-booked with the customer service department.
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$60 USD - €150/$150 USD
You can take boards up to 250cm for €150/$150 USD, other than flights to/from Brazil, where only $60 USD is charged.
Carriage is subject to available space, so you must contact the airline when booking.
More Info
Fee varies by route, but you have to pre-book any boards 107-300cm long.
Normally you have to take the boardbag as your sole piece of checked luggage.
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Boards up to 2m long can be taken on continental flights for a fee of €50, and on intercontinental flights for €100.
You must call the airline to register your sports baggage before flying.
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€50/£50 per flight, with a 20kg weight limit.
We recommend you call the airline to confirm max dimensions when booking.
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TAP Portugal
Boards fly for a small fee, but you MUST pre-book them.

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Want to travel somewhere else? This is the complete list with  116 Airlines!

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