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Longboards – surf feeling in the streets for everybody

The close link between longboarding and the surf scene goes back to California, when surfers attached wheels to their boards in order to take the surf feeling to the streets. From those days a lot has changed. Longboard isn't just a long board anymore. Several different disciplines like downhill, freeride and dancing, just to name some, were established over the past years. The shape of your board determines the field you use it in. The easiest way ist to choose Longboard Complete where all components are already well matched. Choose a deck design and shape you like, and trucks, wheels and bearings will fit perfectly together. In case you are already an experienced rider you can choose the parts for your own boaord. Putting the board together yourself sounds trickier than it actually is.

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The structure of longboard decks

There is one thing all longboard decks have in common: they consist of seven to eight layers of wood, usually maple. Additionally, other materials that reduce the board’s weight and make it more stable at the same time, like for example fiberglass or bamboo, get used in the construction of the deck.

Find the right shape for your pleasure

Freeride boards are usually formed in a Twin Shape which means that you can ride equally in both directions. The so called Drop-Through Construction reduces the distance to the ground and helps you maintain a stable stand on the board – even in high speed. Suitable for flip tricks and board walking are especially dancing longboards. These decks provide the best conditions for running free with your creativity and enables you to try out new things. Due to the fact that they are pretty similar to skateboards, cruiser longboards are perfect for your urban playground. With this board, fast maneuvers, tight turns and all kinds of tricks are no longer obstacles for you. The carving board is the original shape of a longboard and resembles surfing quite a lot. You easily and flowingly take your turns on the street just like you were riding a wave – surf feeling on the streets is guaranteed with this board. You can conquer steep tracks with a downhill board. Its deep center, additional space for wheels and the possibility to ride in high speed characterize this longboard.

Standard Kingpin or Reverse trucks?

Not all trucks are the same. Longboard trucks differentiate from skateboard trucks, not only in size but also in the way the kingpin, the big screw that keeps the truck’s baseplate and hanger together, is installed. On longboards the kingpin is generally attached in a reversed way that enables improved steering, which is especially handy with long-shaped boards.

Wheels and bearings for your longboard

Don’t you dare to put skateboard wheels on your longboard! You would push yourself to death before you even reach the speed of a longboard. Special longboard wheels have a bigger diameter, are wider and thus enable a higher speeds. Bearings for longboards and skateboards do have the same size and are simply plugged into the wheels.

Safety first – how to protect yourself

You should always think about protectors and a helmet when longboarding. The higher speeds make a skate helmet, knee and elbow protection essential.