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Lisa Veith surfing maldives

Surfing Maldives – Lisa Veith’s unforgettable surf trip

If you’ve been busy with the upcoming surf trip’s preparation, you might have already come across the advice of Blue Tomato team rider Lisa. Lisa made a great video for us “how to pack your surfboard bag”. There is no one better than Lisa for explaining all about surfing since she is a real professional when it comes to surfboards, waves and travelling. Dr. Lisa (Yep – she is a doctor as well) has been surfing for 11 years now and also is part of the Association of Surfing Doctors. Which means that she can stitch reef cuts by herself – pretty cool, huh?

Lisa Veith surfing
Warm water, excellent waves and an amazing sunset – no wonder Lisa looks so happy!

2015: A dream comes true

This year there was a real “surf first” for Lisa. It was a first time she traveled to a surf destination even the most experienced surf globetrotters often are kept back from: The Maldives. That’s why we were extremely excited to accompany Lisa on her boat trip and well, be at least able to dream about warm water and glassy barrels.

Lisa started her trip in Vienna and arrived in Male, the capital of Maldives, with a short stopover in Dubai. In Male she went on the boat which then was traveling south for 10 days from one Maldivian atoll to another. Ending point was the village Kaadedhdhoo (only god knows how to pronounce that :)) and from there Lisa and her surf addicted crew flew back to Male.

Lisa Veith

Lisa about her trip
“You are boating from spot to spot being accompanied by dolphins. Breakfast, lunch as well as dinner is served when the bell rings. When you're not catching waves you can enjoy books, explore lonely islands or have quick yoga sessions…it was like heaven.”
Lisa Veith on the Maldives
Lisa on one of the amazingly beautiful Maldivian waves – Photo by Andreas Graber  

There is no way to doubt that. When Lisa is telling about super glassy morning surfs in Blue Bowls and rhapsodizes about surf spots like Five Islands, in our heads we are already far, far away sitting in an exotic Line-Up waiting for the next set of waves to come…

Check the glassy conditions and beautiful waves yourself:


However, we cannot recommend the Maldives without giving few tips. Trips like the one Lisa made are not cheap. Furthermore most of the waves are rather shallow - that means that they are breaking pretty close to razor sharp reefs. This really requires some surf experience! A fast take off as well as plenty of paddle power are invaluable. But even if you meet these needs, you are not immune to an unpleasant encounter with corals and sea urchins, as Lisa’s photo shows:

Lisa Veith on the Maldives
Lisa after an unpleasant encounter with the Maldivian reef  

A trip to the Maldives is not an option for you yet? Then you might find your dream surf destination among the favorite surf destinations of the Blue Tomato employees. When your next surf trip is already booked, surf pro Jonas Bachan will show you how to get fit to catch plenty of waves!