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Philipp Schuster in action at The Captain's Quest


The name Philipp Schuster should be a household name for every skateboarder in Europe. For years the Blue Tomato teamrider stands, as no other, for the healthy balance between highly technical skateboarding and the expression of his lifestyle through the use of trowel and mixmachine or behind the lens.

Philipp Schuster through his focus on photography and Do-It-Yourself projects, like a „Skate-mansion“ evolved out of a hunting lodge in Salzburg, didn’t take part in contests anymore. However, we could excite him to reanimate his contest-career. The decisive factor for this was Blue Tomato’s The Captain’s Quest. A contest that convinced Philipp through its relaxed and, in the same time, exceptional atmosphere. Reason enough for us to get into a boat with Philipp Schuster and to talk with him about the contest, career, future and many more.

Philipp, born in 1984 in Vienna, became more than just a name in the skateboard circus by winning the European championship in 2007 and his part in the almost legendary Playboard Video 5.1 Fahrvergnügen. Nowadays, he excels more and more in his own projects like his photo-exhibition „Philipp Schuster – A Skateboarder’s Romance“ from 2013.

Switch Nosegrind by Philipp Schuster Switch Nosegrind - Philipp Schuster in his element. Photo: Elias Assmuth / Trottoir Media

Another milestone in Philipp Schuster’s unique career is definitely the release of his own signature sneakers by Globe in 2014. With the Globe Motley Mid Pro Philipp Schuster Sneaker our team rider has not only made a stylish mark on the shoe market, but proved once again how important cooperation and communication on eye level with sponsors and partners is for him.

Consequently, we are also every day happy and proud that a skateboard-personality like Philipp Schuster is part of our team. Philipp fully enjoys life as a Blue Tomato team rider. Therefore, it is no question for Philipp as to whether to accept an invitation to one of our events and we always look forward to a nice chat and a legendary skate session.