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How To Skate Streetrails with Tobi Fleischer

Tobi Fleischer didn't first show in the Cyprus Hill Tour Clip that no rail is safe from him. No matter how long, how many kinks, with a flip on or off – Tobi knows how to skate rails! To give you the chance to one day be as rail-savvy as Tobi, he fimed a short introduction to riding rails with a skateboard:


1. Start small! Sure, i fit was up to you, you’d be hitting 10-stair-rails with a frontboard right away, but like so many things in skateboarding, that’s a long way and you have to start at the very beginning: find a flatrail in your local skatepark and start with the basics – practice boardslides and 5050s until you can do them in your sleep!

2. Step it up! Once you got the basic tricks dialed and tried and maybe succeeded in some more advanced rail tricks, go scouting for rails that are more of a challenge. Besides the classic skatepark-rails, those can also be handrails next to stairs of every sort. There are a few things to look out for specifically though.

Start small and look for easy rails to practice on

1. Look for a good inrun! If the inrun to the rail is already harder to conquer than the rail itself, you will never be focussed enough to put down a decent trick onto the rail after running the gauntlet for 10 meters.

2. No wobbly or broken handrails! Some of the last things you want are the rail breaking right when you land your skateboard on it, or it being so wobbly that you get thrown right off. Look for stable and solid rails, that are not too rusty, to minimize risk of injury.

Look for a good inrun and stable and solid rails

5. No aluminum rails! Your trucks will figuratively melt together with the rail, leaving no chance to grind through!

6. Round or square – your choice! To like round or square rails more is a very subjective topic and you’ll have to find out for yourself what suits you better. Square rails for example are suitable for long 5050s, while many people prefer round rails for slides. Try both and decide for yourself!

7. Avoid getting busted! Grinding a rail can damage it. No wonder many owners don’t want their handrails getting the skateboard-treating and you should respect that. In some public places it’s also simply forbidden. Not only can you get in serious trouble, but it will also distract you and your focus will be on not getting busted instead of the trick you planned.

Avoid aluminium rails, get out and practice

Have fun starting your rail career and don’t forget to protect yourself, especially when starting, with appropriate skate protection!