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Jonas Bachan Surfing

Get fit for the surf trip – Pro Jonas Bachan tells you how!

Jonas Bachan, who grew up on the French Atlantic Coast has already surfed for more than a decade. Even though he got his feet wet in the waters of France he is representing Austria in the international contest scene. And he is successful, being the only Austrian surfer in the WSL 2015 Pro Junior series. Jonas’ calendar is pretty full this year, as there are contests in Portugal, Spain, France and Canary Islands. Jonas will also represent his homeland in the ISA World Junior Games in California this October and on top off all this he has to get ready for the Austrian and the French Championships.

A tight schedule for the 1998 born bundle of energy. But nothing is stopping him and he still finds time to surf a few local contests, just for fun and training.

To have a better view of what Jonas can accomplice in a year, here’s his year 2014 for you guys:

Blue Tomato Teamrider Jonas Bachan
Pic by Alex Papis

Preparation for Contests

Jonas Bachan riding the waves
Pic by Alex Papis

One thing is sure with so many contests – Jonas has to be in great shape to keep up against his competitors. And as the next surf-trip is coming closer for us as well, we asked the pro for some tips.
By the way: further information all about travelling with your surfboardwhat to take on a surf trip and the best destinations you will find in our surf special.

Jonas, how do you prepare for the contests and how do you stay fit when there are no contests?

"I try to be active on a daily basis, on land or in the water. If I have a chance for both this is obviously best option. Healthy food is important for me, many proteins and veggies. But it’s ok to have fast food once or twice a month as well. When there are no contests – most of the time this is in the wintertime – I try to go skating or snowboarding. Running is good too but nothing can substitute surfing, since training in the water is simply the best. I try to be in the water as often as possible. A surf orientated school supports me a lot: At the “Pole Surf” the surf elite from 15 to 18 years trains all year around, so we’re fully in shape when the season starts and ends!"

Any tips you can give as a pro-surfer to hobby-surfers who want to get prepared for their next surftrip?

"If you have the possibility to get into the water, you should surf as much as possible before your trip. This will ensure that once there, you can stay as long as possible in the water. And therefore you have the most fun! Additionally you shouldn’t train hard 2-3 days before your trip starts, so you’re totally “frothing” when you arrive."

Your surf-trip preparation

Blue Tomato teamrider Jonas Bachlan
Pic by Alex Papis

For all of you who can’t go surfing on a regular basis, these tips will make sure that you will be full of energy even the first few days of your surf trip:


  • Practise „dry“ take-offs. Get up on your board quick (20 a day – boring but super effective!)
  • Enhance your core strength and stability. For example with suspension trainers, Swiss balls and yoga, to get the needed explosiveness for the take-off.
  • Push-Ups, push-ups and even more push-ups! Best are tight ones, which means that your elbows should be close to your body, to recreate the take-off situation better.

Paddling power
  • A lot of freestyle swimming – this will give you the needed stamina
  • If possible, just take your surfboard to the next lake and go for a paddle – sounds strange, but it is actually a lot of fun
  • Try to strengthen your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back. Especially your lower back, since it gets strained because of the arched back you have to have when paddling

In general it is important to spend a lot of time on any board – it doesn’t matter if it’s a balance board, longboardskateboard or snowboard, this will train your sensitivity and it is heaps of fun as well!
Nothing more to say than - surfs up!