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Surf destinations Blue Tomato

Our favorite surf destinations

As you can probably imagine, here at Blue Tomato a few of us are surf fanatics like our teamriders Lisa Veith, Jonas Bachan & Armin Walcher and we love to change boots and bindings for leashes & wetsuits – that’s why we think it’s a great idea to share our “expertise” with you guys and tell you about our favorite surf countries. Three of them, Fuerteventura (alright – not really a country... :)), Portugal and Bali, we probably know as good as our skiing areas in the alps. That’s where our partner surfcamps are, and we can’t wait to visit them every now and then, when our feet get ichy and we are longing to see the sea. These cooperations, by the way, are built on long friendships – just another proof, that board sport-athletes are all from the same batch!

Your next surf trip is already planned? Well, then check out pro surfer Jonas Bachan’s tips how to get fit for surfing and you also should have a look at Lisa Veith’s guide all about surf board bag packing – highly recommended!

Our Partner Camps

Bali: The Balicamp

When thinking about surfing, Bali definitely is the place to be – that’s why The Balicamp is one of our favorites surf destinations. Looking at our never stopping dreams for waves, we knew from the beginning, that this surf camp on the other side of the globe is kind of a dream came true for a lot of (Blue Tomato) employees. Boss Rudi and his great team also have a big impact on this, as they managed to awake everyone’s surf obsession so far, as Charly can tell as well:

Surfholidays on Bali
Pic by The Balicamp | Bali  


„‘Paddle, paddle, paddle!‘ – this is the first thing that comes into my mind when I think back to The Balicamp. As a complete beginner the guides were great mentors and I fell in love with surfing right away. No sea urchin in my feet or litres of salt-water in my stomach could hold me from being out in the water till the end. Only the awesome food at the camp tempted me to get out of the warm waves. ;) Suksma, Bali!“
Surfholidays on Bali
Pic by The Balicamp | Bali

Indonesia: Sama Sama

The crew of the Bali Camp is particularly proud of the extended routes of their boat, the Sama Sama. A group of expierienced sailors will not only safely bring you to first-class waves and secret surfspots, but will also serve you the most delicious food. In the heart of the indian ocean you will discover desert islands and empty line-ups, that every surferheart dreams of. Our teamrider Lisa Veith has first hand knowledge of this breathtaking experience, especially the Maluku Islands got stuck in her memory.

Sama Sama Boattrips
Pics by Sama Sama  

Lisa Veith

Team Rider
‘‘Even though I only spent two weeks on the Maluku Islands it felt a lot longer, due to the amazing impressions and the big number of surfed waves. I’ll definitely be coming back!"
Surfurlaub mit der Sama Sama
Pic of Lisa Veith by Jakob Polacsek

Portugal: Portugal Surfcamp

Only a few kilometres from Lissabon, the Portugal Surfcamp is located in a little town called Ericeira. Ericeira is christened as the first „Surf retreat“ in Europe, since 2011. It has a long surfing-tradition and it offers heaps of different spots and waves. Exploring them is made super easy with the help of the amazing people in Portugal Surfcamp. This is definitely a reason why the surfcamp attracts whole departments of Blue Tomato – such as the Online marketing, that fetched a good portion stoke on their trip last year.

Surfholidays in Portugal
Pic by Portugal Surfcamp | Portugal, Ericeira  


„I can’t think of a better first surf trip! Most of the time, during September in my thoughts I am already on the slopes, dreaming about my next winter. But in Ericeira I didn’t spare a single thought on it. It doesn’t matter if it is pure sunshine and offshore wind, or a sudden downpour, surfing is always fun. So there is nothing more to say than: „I’ll be back"!“
Online marketing of Blue Tomato in Ericeira, Portugal
Our online marketing departement on their department trip in Portugal

Fuerteventura: Otro Modo

It isn’t a big secret between hobby-surfers that the Canary Islands offer finest surf-conditions all year round, and everyone knows that Fuerteventura is one of the wave richest islands around. In the south side of the Island you can find great spots for all levels, and this is where Otro Modo camp is located. Big Boss Christof and his team are always greeting you with a warm welcome and great tips.

Surfholidays on Fuerteventura
Pic by Otro Modo Surfcamp | Fuerteventura  


„Fuerteventura offers a great opportunity for a short surftrip within Europe. It is a perfect place for a quick breather of sea air in autumn or January. Also the landscape, like the lonely beach around Cofete is just beautiful and very unique. Of course there are heaps of great waves as well. Doesn’t matter whether you are looking for reef breaks for more experienced surfers or beach breaks for beginners. You will find them in Fuerteventura.“
Surftrip on Fuerteventura
Vanessa on her surfholiday in Fuerteventura

Some more surfspots we've been to!

Since boardsport athletes are travelers as well (especially, when you live in Austria) our way has lead us to all the different corners of the world, which we would love to introduce to you! By the way: we also have created an overview about all surfer-friendly airlines for you, which will make travelling way easier!

Sigi - Costa Rica

„When I think about my Surftrip to Costa Rica, the first thing that spontaneously pops into my head is how I was woken up by parrot- and monkey-yelling in the morning before walking to the beach accompanied by crabs and dogs and got spoiled with empty line-ups and the tropical rainforest in front of me. Sensational!“
Surfholidays in Costa Rica
Sigrid surfing in Costa Rica  

Simone - Panama

Buying Department
„Palm trees, beach and empty beach breaks – this is Panama, when you’re ready to explore more than the famous Santa Catalina.“
Surfholidays in Panama
Simone enjoys her surftrip in Panama  

Maria - Philippines

„Everyone who flies to the Philippines for surfing should head straight to the island Siargao in the south. There, you won’t just find an uncountable amount of mangos and hogs, but (in my opinion) the best surf spots in the world – not a big surprise that the most important wave of the village is called Cloud 9. :)“
Surfholidays on the Philippines
Sunset in the Philippines  

Jonas - Maldiven

Team rider
“Wake up at 6:00 am, drink coffee, surf for three hours, have breakfast, surf for two more hours, eat lunch, chill out and then surf for another three hours before dinner. That was the daily routine; it couldn’t get any better, right?”
Jonas Bachlan in Maldiven
Jonas surfing a goreous Maldivian wave – Photo: Alex Papis  

Not only Jonas but also our teamrider Lisa Veith enjoyed the waves on the Maldives. Since Lisa has send us a whole lot of pictures and information about her surf journey, we created an own page for her Maldives boat trip – enjoy!

Secret Spot - Austria

„Our „home spot“ close to the Blue Tomato Headquarters in Schladming probably isn’t world famous for its big swell, but it offers a beautiful panorama. And who else can say that he was ‚surfing’ on the bottom of a glacier?“
Paddle training in a lake
Sigrid, Maria and Nico training their paddling skills

Any questions?

If you have any question on one of the surf destinations just leave us a message on facebook – we’re happy to help. P.S.: Secret spots won’t be revealed – question of honor!

We’re looking forward for your messages – see you & hang loose!