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Beyond Movie



After a three month long surf discovery through Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal und Gambia the makers of the award winning documentary The Old, the Young and the Sea released a new surf movie.

«Through BEYOND, we want to immerse ourselves in a region of West Africa to establish a close connection between Africa and Europe, and we’ll do so with a seemingly mundane topic: SURFING.»

Surfing in Africa
Surfing in Africa

With two off-road pickup trucks cramped with camera and photo gear and surfboards strapped onto the rooftop of their vehicles, the makers of Beyond set out for adventure. The group of six traveled 7000 kilometers along the coast of West Africa. During their tip they collected untold stories of African surf culture.

With their new movie,director Mario Hainzl and producer Andreas Jaritz unveil the beauty and diversity of West Africa. In a world between modernization and preservation of old traditions the makers of Beyond take us to lonely surf spots, show us breathtaking landscapes and uncover inspiring stories of unique people.

You can expect surfers of all generations and social classes. Craftsmen, tycoons, taxi drivers, nomads, fishermen, pioneers, women at markets and tourists – and the one thing that connects them all: the love of surfing.

Together the film team captured captivating and authentic moments that will make your movie night into a special experience and will set every surfers heart racing.

Moviemakers Mario Hainzl & Andreas Jaritz
Moviemakers Mario Hainzl & Andreas Jaritz

Mario Hainzl, Director
«We experience this journey in a constant state of upheaval. We immerse ourselves in the lives of different people – whether they are surfers or not - on a daily basis. And we’re beginning to understand their sense of self, but at the same time, it is forcing us to take a good look at ourselves. And diversity itself creates an intense longing and fascination for more that is hard to escape from.»

Andreas Jaritz, Produzent
«We hope this project will arouse our audience’s curiosity, their spirit of surf adventure and infects them with the travel bug. Curiosity is welcomed here with open arms and we would like to spread the desire to experience new worlds.»

We are pleased to be a partner and being able to support this unique project. Check the listed tour dates and secure yourself a ticket!

Beyond Movie Facts

Countries: Marocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia
Produced by Nomad Earth Media & Lotus Film
Release: 2017
Crew: Mario Hainzl (Director), Andreas Jaritz (Producer), Roman Königshofer (Camera),
Judith Recher (Photography), Felix Gänsicke (Camera), René Eckert (Camera)
Website: beyond.oldyoungsea
Instagram: nomadearthmedia
Facebook: BeyondTheOldTheYoungTheSea