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Pilot Jackets

Pilot Jackets

Autumn trend Pilot Jackets
Autumn trend Pilot Jackets

Join us on a journey through time as we flip back a few pages in our calendars. Ok, not quite. A single calendar year wouldn't quite do the job. We'd have to dust off a stack of calendars to get back far enough. We're taking you all the way back to the 50's and the birth of the pilot's jacket - that's right: where we're going, we don't need roads. Before finding it's way into the fashion world the pilot's jacket was originally developed for the US Air Force. These babies are robust, functional, time-tested chick magnets. In single digit plus and minus degrees the jackets are the best companions – ideal for autumn and mild winters. Naturally the fashion world has taken notice and the former uniform has since become a real fashion statement. True classics these flight jackets.

The year 2017 sees a well-deserved revival for the Pilot's Jacket. Brands like CarharttVolcom and Dickies all hit the mark with their designs. Updated for the needs of the modern man, these fur collared beauties deserve pride of place in any wardrobe. It doesn’t matter wheter the jacket is black, blue, green or beige, mummy would say "it's the perfect between-seasons jacket."

We could conjure up countless flight related phrases like "this jacket is for high-flyers" or "now boarding Fashion Airlines" but, to be honest, an evergreen favourite like this speaks for itself. With accessories such as sewed-on patches on the jacket, you’re not just the star among pilots.