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Adidas Originals NMD Sneaker

The Adidas NMD – Trending for every season

Summer, fall, mild winters - the Adidas NMD is pure fashion and a great partner for your favorite outfits. The iconic colours and the innovative Adidas Originals design make it easy to combine the shoes with your favourite wardrobe pieces. Whether you're out with friends in the evening or just want to go for a walk to relax, the Adidas NMD will get you to your destination with style!

The Past empowers the Future

Adidas Originals NMD Sneaker

It started in 1984, Adidas launched three legendary sneakers. The Boston Super, which was inspired by the Boston Marathon, the Micropacer, which was the first sports shoe have a tracking device installed, and the Rising Star, which lived up to its name. In 2016, Adidas worked their designs from their classics and created the new street style sneaker, the Adidas Originals NMD.

You could be fooled into thinking the NMD is a track shoe, considering its roots, but that’s not even the half of it. The Adidas NMD has some sporty features from its predecessors, but it definitely doesn’t just belong in the gym. The new street shoe has massive hype and has conquered the streets of cities worldwide. It is a must have for summer 2016.

The Classic Adidas Look – Casual, Stylish and Easy to Combine

The new look of the NMD is based on the classics from the 80s, but it has evolved considerably with modern materials and style. The breathable upper is made from Primeknit, an Adidas exclusive material debuted in 2012 and now irreplaceable on the street scene.

The beauty of Primeknit is that you can make an upper from one piece of fabric, which makes unnecessary seams a thing of the past. Plus the material is super flexible, comfortable and will fit your foot perfectly. Adidas has once again shown their strong passion for fashion and have released the NMD in a whole array of different hot summer colours, so everyone can find their perfect match. The new Adidas NMD is easy to wear, functional and will be a highlight of any shoe collection.

The Special Character of the Sneaker – BOOST your Walk

Adidas Originals NMD Sneaker

Runners are hot this season and everyone has them. The Adidas NMD goes one step further and has the sporty DNA of its predecessors like a shock absorbing EVA midsole. The most impressive feature is the revolutionary Adidas BOOST technology in the outsole. The BOOST technology remarkably saves the energy of your footfall and gives it back to you, saving you energy and giving comfort. In addition, the outsole looks really cool, with its unique shape it is a real eye catcher.

It can be exhausting to look awesome all day long and keep up with trends, with BOOST the struggle is over. Grab a pair of Adidas NMD and be part of the movement.

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