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Blue Tomato Kings Park Hochkönig

You love to shred? Then the Kings Park Hochkönig should ring a bell. Numerous obstacles spread over an unbelievable length of 1.8km guarantee 100% Jib joy and Kicker fun. There’s good reason why this park is the king among the snowparks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skier, or prefer the board – you will have a royal time with epic Hochkönig scenery for sure. The Blue Tomato Team Riders checked out this year's Setup already. You can read more about their thoughts here.

© Patrick Steiner
© Patrick Steiner

Set-Up 2016/17


  • Elephant Butter Box 6m
  • Rainbow Butter Box 6m
  • Mushroom Jib
  • Rainbow Butter Box 4m
  • Flat Butter Box 4m
  • Down Rail 8m
  • 2x Flat Rail 5m
  • Down Tube 3m
  • Flat Rail 3m


© Patrick Steiner
© Patrick Steiner


  • Wave/Dragontail Butter Box 6m
  • Flat/Down Butter Box 6m
  • Up/Down Butter Box 4m
  • 3x Dancefloor Butter Box 3m
  • Mushroom Jib
  • Rainbow Box 8m
  • A-Frame Trannyfinder 9m
  • A-Frame Trannyfinder 7m
  • Elephant Box 13m
  • Up (Cannon) Tube 6m
  • 2x Kicker Jump 3m
  • 3x Kicker Jump 4m


© Patrick Steiner
© Patrick Steiner


  • Jibcan/Barrel
  • Bankspine Jib 6m
  • Rainbow Box 6m
  • Cone Jib
  • Down/Flat/Down Tube 9m
  • Down Rail 6m
  • 2x Down Rail 8m
  • Wallride Jib 6m
  • Jersey Barrier
  • Corner Jump 6m
  • Kicker Jump 6m
  • 2x Kicker Jump 7m
  • Kicker Jump 8m
  • Kicker Jump 9m
  • Corner Jump 10m
  • Kicker Jump 11m

© Patrick Steiner
© Patrick Steiner


  • Flat/Down Box 12m
  • Flat Tube 6m
  • Flat Box 12m
  • Picknicker Jib 3m
  • Flat/Down Box 7m
  • Up (Cannon) Box 4m
  • Flat Rail 4m
  • Flat/Down Tube 6m
  • Flat Tube 6m
  • 2x Kicker Jump 4m

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