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SOLO Untergrund - Tobi Fleischer

SOLO’s all German skateboard movie "Untergrund" has the goal to capture the current situation of skateboarding in Germany. No exotic, romantic and scenic surroundings, simply skating right in front of you doorstep, in your hometown, raw and dirty. It makes you want to grab your skateboard and start riding straight away – just like the protagonists in "Untergrund".

Our Blue Tomato Team Rider Tobi Fleischer got the desirable last part of this eight-piece film and shows once more that he likes to attack some pretty nasty rails. Watch finest street skateboarding and some really tough-looking bails in the SOLO Untergrund Movie featuring Tobi Fleischer:

In an interview with the Solo Skateboard Magazine Tobi confesses that also pros don’t always win, he sometimes is pretty desperate too and that, as a skater, you have to be able to take a beating or two (keyword "24-stair ender rail"). See the whole interview here!