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Petra Bernhard at europecup Pila

Hi everyone!

On the first weekend in August, I went to the European Cup races that were held in Pila, which is a small resort, 2000 meters above Aosta. The place offers the perfect scene! On one side you can see the Mont Blanc and on the other side the Matterhorn.
Altogether 350 riders from 24 nations were registered for the race. The course will, as always, be prepared by none other than the former World Cup winner Corrado Herin.

Start Mountainbike Petra Bernhard

The course includes more than 2.6 kilometers in length and 500 meters in height. A truly challenging course with many steep turns, drops into the flat ground and high speed passages. Some Cup drivers, including me, took part both to the World Cup in Andorra and the European Cup in Pila. We had to have another 1000 km drive, but it certainly paid off. The valley is so beautiful and the scenic mountains were just on top of the cake. During the week I drove several times with my cross country bike in the mountains and enjoyed the view.

Petra Bernhard Mountainbike downhillrace

Unfortunately, I could not give 100% for the training, since somehow my little finger got hurt during one of the drops. So in Seedingrun I took a solid 6th place in the race, although I could improve my time, I was not 100% satisfied with my performance. There are also one good and two bad news. First, let´s start with the bad ones: After I could not take part in the World Cup in Mont Saint Anne, in Canada, I cannot take part into the World Cup in South Africa due to financial reasons. The Austrian biking association didn´t give me an injury status. And as the team did not pay anything for the World Cup in Canada and they won´t cover me in the World Cup in South Africa either, which I cannot afford without any external financing. Now I will have a 5 week break from the races. This does not really motivate me, but I cannot do anything else by the time being. Secondly, I have to go under a surgery with my little finger, which will also have effects on my training.

Petra Bernhard profile mountainbike

Now for the good news: In the meantime I have two nine-page photo shootings a head of me, where I will present the nice riding spots; Leogang and Kaprun. Both stories are for the German mountain bike magazine. Later, photos from riding in Friaul, Slovenia will follow up!

I will keep you updated. Laters!

Your Petz