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How to freeze a person in movement

How to freeze a person in movementA time-honoured event hall, four young students of the Vienna-based academy "Die Graphische", nine Blue Tomato Skate-Teamriders and 30 synchronously triggered digital single lens reflex cameras.

What doesn't sound too difficult are the ingredients to freeze a person in movement. However, that person won't even feel cold at all! During the "freeze it" shooting, their diploma thesis, the students Tereza Mundilová, Lisa-Marie Reiter, Melanie Schneider, Johannes Traun rather wanted to adopt the so called bullet-time-effect, that was used excessively in well-known movies like "The Matrix", to action sports. And what would better fit to this effect than skateboarding?

Blue Tomato was immediately on board and besides providing support to search for a suiting location and obstacles, they brought in their skateboard team. The guys and girls were stoked and motivated to show their best riding; a date and a location were found quickly and the show could start! With Skateboard Pro and Blue Tomato teamrider Philipp Schuster, the students had the best man at hand to plan and organize the obstacles and - due to his experience as a photographer - also for setting up lights, perspective and finding the perfect moment to trigger the cameras.

Philipp was of course not the only one joining the 3-day-long session! Fellow skateboarders from the Blue Tomato team included: Christopher Scherscher and Julia Brückler, joined by the Blue Tomato Shop Graz skateteam consisting of Benjamin Kerschner, Tom Kozissnik, Dominik Müller-Guttenbrunn, Robert Klug, David Knes and Philipp Schweighofer.

If the bullet-time-effect really worked is up to you. Here´s the video:

Furthermore you can take a closer look, what happened all around the actual bullet-time-clip. It was captured by our filmer Thomas Kesselbacher:

Panorama Shot

Philipp Schuster

Christopher Scherscher

Julia Brückler

David Knees


Pics by Blue Tomato, Conny de Beauclair, Clemens Kneringer & Alexander Mitterer

In addition to Blue Tomato following partners had made this possible: Canon Austria, die Graphische, Elektrotechnik Schneider, Vienna Sound Vienna Light