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Anna Gasser - Views from the 7th

Women need a 15 m jump to learn something new and they definitely can’t ride the same courses as men – everyone heard those stereotypes! But now we have the conclusive proof that this isn’t true at all!

Spencer O’Brien is one of the best snowboarders in the world and according to herself, over her career she only had the opportunity to ride about four huge jumps, but most of the time she was the only girl. Every time she hit those crazy jumps she learned and progressed in her riding style and she wanted to give that chance to other shred girls as well!

She invited the best female snowboarders including Blue Tomato team rider Anna Gasser to Whistler and they built an insanely big jump! The beast was almost 25 meter to the knuckle, but she was sure they would go for it and destroy that thing!

And they did - Cab double 9s, BS and FS double 10s, flatspun 9s and 10s to name just a few. Anna Gasser, Enni Rukajarvi, Klaudia Medlova, Yuka Fujimori and Sina Candria pushed each other to their very best and landed some tricks they never tried before, some on their first try!

Of course there were some wipeouts too and Enni Rukajarvi was pretty much the only one who walked away unscathed, but the girls are made out of steel and kept on riding!

Check out the edit of “Views from the 7th” and see for yourself!

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