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Silent Interview with Mario Käppeli and Fabio Studer

In this silent interview out Team Riders Mario Käppeli and Fabio Studer answered our questions without words, in a creative and amusing way. You want to see the outcome? A rather unexpected and good-looking result. Concentrated men power – for you recorded on following photos.

How long have you known each other?

Mario und Fabio know each other for several years now


What do you like best about each other?

They really like each other


What annoys you about the other?

Fabio and Mario are best buddies


You both are members of pretty famous crews – which crew is wilder?

The Legs of Steel Crew got under Fabio’s skin


And which crew is better?

Both crews are amazing


Who owns the bigger biceps?

Fabio definitely has the bigger muscles


Who of you likes it more to be naked?

Mario loves to take his clothes off


Who is better with girls?

Fabio is a womanizer


Who’s got nicer tattoos?

Mario’s tattoos clearly beat Fabio’s

We recorded the silent interviews with our Team Riders during this year's Blue Tomato Teamgathering - here you can find more about the Snowboard Teamgathering and the Freeski Teamgathering.

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