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Ashbury Warlock Jed Anderson

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A tua côr: jed anderson
US Fashion
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You are searching for some goggles which are cool and have the newest features? You do not want some super thick frame, but rather a narrow and stylish one. You want a square goggle frame not too round… well then you definitely need to have a look at the Ashbury Warlock! All your wishes will come true.


+ double anti fog
+ anti scratch protection
+ full perimeter venting on all frames to ensure maximum air flow
+ hyperallergenic ultra soft red face foam for maximum comfort
+ Snap Fit™ lens technology
+ helmet compatible
+ 100% UVA UVB UVC protection

Goggle Care

Not being able to see ruins a day up on the mountain. Here are some basic tips to protect your goggle in order to ensure that they last as many seasons as possible:

  • Never let your lens touch the table or hard surface when you set them down. Place them on the foam side with the lens facing up. 
  • Use only a soft cloth (not your baselayer shirt) or anti-fog cloth to blot (not wipe) the goggle lens dry. Wiping is more abrasive and can remove the anti-fogging coating on the inside of the lens.
  • When off the slopes allow goggles to air dry thoroughly before stowing in their bag. Store your goggles in a soft sack when they are not in use. Most come with one when purchased.
  • Do not dry goggles in direct sun or high heat, such as on the dashboard or hanging from the rearview mirror.

Take care and enjoy.

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