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akomplice Naturism Swim Boardshorts Quickview

akomplice Naturism Swim Boardshorts

€ 62,46før € 70,79
Billabong Method Boardshorts Quickview

Billabong Method Boardshorts

fra € 49,96
Quiksilver Charade 19 Boardshorts Quickview

Quiksilver Charade 19 Boardshorts

fra € 41,63


Lira Pick Pocket Trunk Boardshorts Quickview

Lira Pick Pocket Trunk Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Light Palm Boardshorts Quickview

Light Palm Boardshorts

fra € 37,46
LOST El Puerto Boardshorts Quickview

LOST El Puerto Boardshorts

fra € 29,13
Roxy Classic 7 Boardshorts Quickview

Roxy Classic 7 Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Tavik Hide Ho Boardshorts Quickview

Tavik Hide Ho Boardshorts

fra € 37,46
Matix Stokes & Hang Ups Boardshorts Quickview

Matix Stokes & Hang Ups Boardshorts

fra € 41,63
Quiksilver Way Out 19 Boardshorts Quickview

Quiksilver Way Out 19 Boardshorts

fra € 45,79
RVCA Ancell Shaka Nene Boardshorts Quickview

RVCA Ancell Shaka Nene Boardshorts

fra € 45,79
Hurley Phantom One & Only Boardshorts Quickview

Hurley Phantom One & Only Boardshorts

€ 41,63før € 49,96
Rhythm Gold Tops Trunk Boardshorts Quickview

Rhythm Gold Tops Trunk Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Billabong Conquest Boardshorts Quickview

Billabong Conquest Boardshorts

fra € 45,79
Rip Curl Grinders 18 Quickview

Rip Curl Grinders 18" Boardshorts

fra € 41,63


Volcom Lido Solid Boardshorts Quickview

Volcom Lido Solid Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Volcom Reality Call 2 Boardshorts Quickview

Volcom Reality Call 2 Boardshorts

fra € 24,96
Hurley Phantom 5 Quickview

Hurley Phantom 5" Boardshorts

fra € 41,63
Freedom Artists Posted Boardschorts Quickview

Freedom Artists Posted Boardschorts

fra € 41,63
Rhythm Fun Guy Trunk Boardshorts Quickview

Rhythm Fun Guy Trunk Boardshorts

fra € 45,79
O'Neill Jordy Freak Boardshorts Quickview

O'Neill Jordy Freak Boardshorts

fra € 58,29
LOST Stringer Stripe Boardshorts Quickview

LOST Stringer Stripe Boardshorts

fra € 41,63
Billabong Conquest Boardshorts Boys Quickview

Billabong Conquest Boardshorts Boys

fra € 29,13
Obey Port Street Trunk Boardshorts Quickview

Obey Port Street Trunk Boardshorts

fra € 45,79
Freedom Artists The Goods Boardshorts Quickview

Freedom Artists The Goods Boardshorts

€ 41,63før € 54,13
O'Neill O'Riginals Rocka Boardshorts Quickview

O'Neill O'Riginals Rocka Boardshorts

fra € 45,79
Rip Curl Birdy Boardshorts Quickview

Rip Curl Birdy Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Billabong Method Boardshorts Boys Quickview

Billabong Method Boardshorts Boys

fra € 37,46
Quiksilver Slater 19 Boardshorts Boys Quickview

Quiksilver Slater 19 Boardshorts Boys

fra € 33,29
Bench Young Boardshorts Quickview

Bench Young Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Lira Fiji Trunk Boardshorts Quickview

Lira Fiji Trunk Boardshorts

fra € 33,29
Billabong Embrace Boardshorts Quickview

Billabong Embrace Boardshorts

€ 29,13før € 37,46
Rip Curl Mirage Fixed Boardshorts Quickview

Rip Curl Mirage Fixed Boardshorts

fra € 41,63
Volcom Linear Mod 20 Boardshorts Quickview

Volcom Linear Mod 20 Boardshorts

fra € 41,63
Fox Extinct Boardshorts Quickview

Fox Extinct Boardshorts

fra € 41,63
Salg Blue Tomato Lederhosen Boardshort Quickview

Blue Tomato Lederhosen Boardshort

€ 33,29før € 62,46

Summer, Sun, Sea… and Boardshorts

Men in boardshorts at the beach

Summer is on its way, but a peek into your closet makes you cringe? If your thoughts are wandering back to last summer, when you got a horrific sunburn in that tight swimwear? Then the solution is obvious: time for new boardshorts! Best materials, great fits and mind-blowing features are just a few of the reasons you should consider a new pair of swim trunks. As always, you’re spoilt for choice at Blue Tomato!

Water resistant boardshorts?

You don’t need to be a seasoned pro surfer in order show off the newest models by Rip Curl, Billabong, O’Neill, Hurley & Co. These shorts have originally been made for cool surfer dudes in Hawaii and Australia, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock them at the beaches of Europe! They are mainly made of polyester and nylon, but Lycra ® (elastane or spandex) are also often used. These elastic materials give the boardshorts plenty of stretch for maximum freedom of movement, no matter what activities you enjoy.

Technical Surfwear

Men's boardshorts with wax comb

In the 60s, the shorts worn by surfers in Southern California and Hawaii were more than uncomfortable. The wet cotton material limited movement and the large buttons and thick seams were very inconvenient for surfing. As the years passed, the material became thinner, the seams improved, and the buttons were replaced with Velcro ® and functional snap buttons or a lacing system.

Nowadays good boardshorts are characterised by lightweight fabrics. You will barely be able to feel them, whether you’re soaked or dry. Days spent in dripping boardshorts on the beach are history. Special materials and technologies, such as a Teflon ® coating on the outside, make the shorts water-repellent and fast-drying. Thanks to the 'Lotus Effect’, the water turns into droplets that simply roll off your shorts. Who knew so much technology could fit in a pair of boardshorts?

Today’s boardshorts come with a lot of great extras such as a wax comb in one of the pockets, with which you can scrape off old or extra wax from your surfboard. If wax gets on your boardshorts, no need to worry – wax stains can easily be removed in a regular machine wash thanks to the special structure of the material.

Different lengths for all requirements

Different lenghts of men's boardshorts in comparison

Whether you’re just chilling at the beach or surfing legendary big waves, comfort plays an important role in your choice of boardshorts. Almost all boardshorts have a seamless waistband and crotch area to avoid uncomfortable pressure points.
Tastes vary when it comes to length. Some people prefer boardshorts that go over the knee, whereas others go for a shorter version – it’s all up to you! The length is usually expressed in inches: 21“ is about knee length. Since the first pair of boardshorts were created by Quiksilver in 1969, the trunks grew longer and wider over the decades.
17 to 19 inch

  • Perfect for a day at the pool or beach
19 to 21 inch
  • Further protection, great for surf sessions
21 to 22 inch
  • Comfort and protection while surfing
No matter which fit and style you choose – colourful and patterned or plain and simple, Blue Tomato has the right boardshorts to suit every taste!

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