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Anon Majestic Painted radiator Women

€ 74,96 eks. Mva. i tillegg kommer leveringskostnader
Din farge: silver amber
US Fashion
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The goggle with the slightly slimmer fit for smaller faces and young shredders. Girls look out these will fit! And it goes without saying that the technical details are as good as always!

+ Frame Features: ANON goggles are constructed with the highest quality thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). The material has been tested and people came to the conclusion it is highly restistant to abrasion and maintains consistent flexibility in changing temperatures. The lifelong goggle so to say
+ Interchangeable Strap Tech: Proprietary Interchangeable strap technology. This unique universal anon feature lets you change straps between all anon goggles. Give your goggles a very personal touch.
+ Auto Adjust Strap hinge: This patented design feature incorporates proper swing tolerances that guarantee the best helmet compatibility of any goggle on the market.
+ Anon panoramic lense technology: The anon Panoramic Profile™ lens utilizes a proprietary de-centered injected pre-curved shape that is thicker in the middle and tapers to the edges to prevent distortion and enhance clarity
+ lense details: Silver Amber: Amber base lens with a Silver Mirror for the best all around lens from low, flat to brighter light.
32% VLT

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