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Pieps Iprobe One 220

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The PIEPS iPROBE ONE is an electronic probe (digital technique) with an optical and acoustic target indicator for every standard transceiver and automatic deactivating function. Maximum support for the rescuer.
+ Clear and simple activating by pressing the ON/OFF button 3 times – all further handling is done automatically
+ Probe tip with integrated receiver – locates every avalanche transmitter
+ Clear optical and acoustic target indicator: The PIEPS iPROBE ONE detects an active transmitter according the standard EN300718. The target indication is working with every standard beacon.
+ Multiple burials: The PIEPS iPROBE ONE deactivates within 8 seconds the strongest transmitting signal EN300718 of all beacons with iPROBE ONE Support*.*Beacons with iPROBE ONE Support: PIEPS DSP PRO, PIEPS DSP SPORT, PIEPS DSP (with Software Version 5.0), PIEPS DSP TOUR, PIEPS FREERIDE
weight 350 g

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