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Flow NX2-RS 2013

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The NX2-RS Binding by Flow lets you rally on the groomers, off the beaten track and anywhere in between. If you’re looking for the ultimate in responsiveness, the RS is your weapon of choice. Lightweight Aluminum alloy parts and the trusted Active A-FUSION PowerStrap transfer energy immediately along the PowerTriangle cable and the EVO-C6 Supportpanel, so you will stay in control of any situation.


+ Aluminum alloy rockered baseplate with 2.5? BankBeds, for response and support
+ OC-Kush basepad with toe and heel cushioning inserts absorbs landings and dampens chatter
+ ModBack with Aluminum alloy heelcup, automatically triggering N.A.S.T.Y. for the fastest and easiest in and out
+ 4-way adjustable and ultra-responsive Evo-C6 is a wider and asymmetrical SupportPanel enhanced with composite-fibers for maximum response and extra lateral drive
+ KushControl hibackpad
+ Responsive Active A-FUSION PowerStrap with LSR-buckles for your choice of easy and functional SpeedEntry or conventional SideEntry
+ Aluminum Offset Multi-disk for mounting on 4x4, 3HP and Channel-M6 boards. Offers both stance width and 5mm toe-heel offset adjustability
+ Overall stiff flex (5) for extra response and support in the most extreme situations

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