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Birthday: 14.12.1992
Homebase: Schladming, Austria
Resort: Dachstein, Flachauwinkl
Sponsors: Blue Tomato, Völkl, Absolut Park, Pickings Family, Adidas Eyewear

BT: Do you remember your first day on skis and how long ago is that?
Martin: I was 3 years old, I can only remember that I had a lot of fun! :)

BT: What was the first trick you learned and would you still consider it a trick?
Martin: The first tricks were straight airs with "X" or "Toxic". But I guess those were never actual tricks ;)

BT: Do you have a secret passion?
Martin: Not really secret, but I like to read..

BT: Who is your favorite Skier of all time/active right now?
Martin: There are more than enough but Sammy Carlson is my favourite!

BT: What's your favorite place to ride?
Martin: Flachauwinkl!

BT: Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Martin: Hopefully not in a major city!

BT: Have you ever googled yourself?
Martin: Yes of course, it's really interesting what's floating around the internet..

BT: Do you have a crew that you mostly ride with?
Martin: Headbud/Pickings-Fam, but I actually ride with everybody who's up on the mountain!

BT: Do you remember your first Freeskis?
Martin: Salomon 1080 :)


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